The new website of Metalfilms s.r.l.

//The new website of Metalfilms s.r.l.

The new website of Metalfilms s.r.l.

To give you a better browsing experience, we present the new website of Metalfilms s.r.l.
Enriched with much information on the division metallization film, and tempered glass, it will accompany you in our world of passion and technology experience.

We really wanted this new site to assure you a navigation can also be accessed from mobile devices, thus adapting ourselves to the new technologies. Moreover, shipping in Italian and English, will offer the advantage of being understood abroad.

Our clients deserve excellence from all points of view. Our commitment is, and will always be more to meet the specific needs, and to make products related to the film metallization and tempered glass, affording the best. // a new experience to live and share. Thank you!

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