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About us

Metalfilms srl is a company dealing with two different kind of business: the metallization and the glass processing industry.
Metalfilm srl is a company dealing with metallization of film, on behalf of a third party. The film can be of any kind, any gauge is possible from 7 micron to 800 micron, for example: OPP, CAST, LDPE, HDPE, PET, PVC, PS, OPS, NYLON, can be metallized, along with paper, paperboard, woven and nonwoven fabric, and biodegradable film.
Metallized film is commonly used for packaging food products, but it is also used in the graphic sector, in the paper industry, in the building sector, in textile and clothing products, in agriculture, and generally in every situation where a barrier against light, gas and steam is required, in order to preserve undamaged the substrate chosen for the application of film. Our field of interest is, mainly but not exclusively, the plastic film.
We would like to point out that the very small quantity of aluminum deposited on the film reduces remarkably the environmental impact, compared with the use of a traditional aluminum foil which would have a much bigger gauge.

Metalfilms’ glass division, recently founded, deals with the processing of flat glasses. Processing is developed after the submission of the customer’s requests. We are specialized in the production of tempered glass of small dimensions. Production takes place on demand. The raw material is large glass sheets, processed according to the customer’s drawings. Generally, Metalfilms’ glass products are employed in the lighting industry, in diving masks, electric devices, light switch covers.

Our story

Metalfilms was founded in 1982 by three businessmen, including Mr. Marino Bimbi that brought in his experience of the high-vacuum sector.

The company grows quickly and only a few years later, 3 metallizers and 3 rewinders/ slitter rewinders are installed. The business policy is set: the company incomes are reinvested to buy more technologically advanced machineries that replace the old ones.

In 1991 the company builds a new factory of 5000mt2, where it moves its enterprise.

In 1997 Marino Bimbi sells one of his companies, an important business in the flat glass market, to purchase all the shares from Metalfilms, and he decides to dedicate himself to this company in a full-time occupation. His enthusiasm and his commitment, qualities that have always distinguished him, help the company grow, and make further investments: in 2005, a metallizer and a rewinder are replaced. The new metallizer has been specifically designed for Metalfilms: it is capable of metallizing any kind of film, even paper, paperboard, woven and unwoven fabric, which are very difficult. This metallizing machine has also sophisticated electronic controls that guarantee maximum repetitiveness of the production and on-time control of all the parameters in order to guarantee a high-quality product and very few production waste at the beginning and at the end of the coil. This specially designed and personalized machine is also able to metallize coils with the largest width available, 2400 mm, which is very useful to cut the production costs down and fulfill our customer’s demands, that are always the focus of our attention.

This machine is still considered one of the most up-to-date products in this market. It is our seventh metallizer and the sixth rewinder.

In 2002 Metalfilms has opened a new division to produce tempered glasses, particularly for the lighting technology sector. The peculiarity of this new division is the possibility to handle glass sheets of very small dimensions.

This division is equipped with: an automatic cutting table computer controlled of glass sheets, even if they are shaped; bilateral machines to produce polished edges; grinding machines for finishing; machines for drilling; machines for screen-printing to produce any kind of decoration required; and the tempering oven, necessary to give the glass sheet a high level of mechanical resistance, an high level of resistance to thermal shock, and to guarantee accident-prevention safety in case of accidental shattering of the glass.

In early 2015, sadly, Marino Bimbi passed away: he was 89 years old. His family entrusts his son Roberto to carry on the managing of the company. This choice sprang in consideration of Roberto’s previous work that involved the management of an important company in the industrial refrigeration field. He has been an administrator and an associate of this company, founded in 1986, until 2015, when he decided to dedicate himself full-time to Metalfilms.

Metalfilms thinking

We aim to become one of the principal points of reference in the fields of both metallization and glass processing, thanks to the excellence of our products.
We are an innovative company, focused on the continuous improvement of the quality, we believe in up-to-date designs and innovative resources.

Making sure our customers’ requests are fulfilled is our main concern. We can count on a staff which is always highly professional and dedicated to our mission. What for the customer is a request, for Metalfilms becomes an high-quality product.

The values in which we believe come from our cultural, ethical and professional heritage, which also leads, day by day, our enterprise, and which reflects our way of working.

  • First of all: the customer. The customer is always our point of reference. His wishes are our goals.
  • Excellence: every single one of our actions is driven by precise rules. Every member of our staff has specific professional skills which contribute in making a finished product of high-quality.
  • Quality: The continuous improvement of quality assures the customer’s satisfaction, which is our first goal.
  • Professionalism: transparency, correctness, and attention are the key points of our relationships with customers, and suppliers.
  • Safety: Safety is a top priority in our company, in our internal processes and also with any other entity that interacts with our firm.
  • Environmental sustainability: our company is eco-friendly, we follow energy saving politics and we observe the current laws governing the sorted waste disposal.